Youthful Hands And Lupus

Youthful Hands And Lupus

Youthful Hands: Natural Remedies for Lupus

I’ve always wanted to be a magazine hand model or one of those women on shows such as QVC showing off items with well-manicured nails and nice looking hands. But who am I kidding? Only if I took care of my hands as much as I try to cater to my face, then that might be a possibility. With all we put our hands through, along with constant sun exposure, signs of aging are usually more apparent on the hands first before the face and neck area.
What has worked for me(when I remember to use it) Is Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Cleansing Gel, Smoothie Hand

Scrub and Extra Emollient Night Cream. 

First, use the Satin Smoothie hand scrub to remove dead skin cells. Massage into hands and between fingers, then rinse and dry
Then use the Extra Emollient Night Cream. Apply a small amount to clean hands. For added hydration, dampen skin with water prior to applying.
Lastly, apply Satin Hands Cleansing Gel thoroughly, yet gently. Rinse away completely, leaving skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. After all listed above, apply some moisturizing lotion with at least SPF 14. Check out the Mary Kay website or connect with your Mary Kay consultant for more information.

Treating your hands the natural way
1) Whenever you wash your hands, moisturize right away. Damp skin tends to absorb moisture quicker.
2) Exfoliate at least 2ice a week. You can use a tablespoon of Olive oil or Almond oil(much better) and 1 teaspoon of powder brown or white sugar. Mix together and rub it on your hands, your fingers, and palms. Massage into your hands for about 3-5 mins or once the sugar is completely dissolved, and then rinse with Luke warm water. This will remove the dead skin cells.
3) The next step is to warm up a little olive oil (not too hot) and use it to rub into your hands, palms, and fingers. This process will also help push back cuticles on your nails. And so I don’t walk around smelling like well-cooked food all day(from the Olive Oil) I add a little bit of hand lotion. Also, while doing some research, I found out that whipped cream or shower cream works well too because of the protein and fat in it. Now, that I haven’t tried yet. But feel free to do so and give me some feedback.
There are so many ways to take care of your hands that I can’t mention them all on here. Do some research and find what works for you, but definitely try the natural way mentioned in this blog. FYI: the Olive Oil scrub feels amazing! Try it and you will be testifying too.
And for information on Hyaluronic acid filler injected into the hands, nighttime gloves, or spot eliminator visit New Beauty website.
I will love to hear how you and how your skincare diary is doing. So please leave a comment about anything on this site that has worked for you or didn’t, and any tips you may have. WE are in this together. THIS IS OUR SKIN CARE DIARY!!!


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