How to whiten teeth naturally: the most effective DIY methods

How to whiten teeth naturally: the most effective DIY methods

Having white and shiny teeth is the dream of many people who do not have a perfect tooth color and would be happy with a dazzling smile. How to whiten teeth? In this article you will find many tips to prevent yellowing of your teeth and the most effective natural methods for whitening DIY teeth.

The luminous smile attracts and catches the eye of the listener and represents an advantage in a society in which the physical aspect counts a lot to achieve certain goals. Who wouldn’t like to have bright white teeth? Undoubtedly it is not easy to achieve pure white, but there are many natural remedies to whiten teeth that help to achieve excellent results and also prevent yellowing of the teeth.

No one likes dental stains, so resorting to natural methods, accompanied by correct oral hygiene, is an excellent solution to protect teeth and learn above all to treat them even at home, avoiding expensive sessions at the dentist.

The causes of dental stains
A beautiful smile is often compromised by unsightly stains on the teeth, which are formed due to colored substances of various kinds that remain attached to the superficial layers of the enamel and often even reach the dentin. The colors of the stains on the teeth are usually classified into five macro groups, which we will analyze in detail.

Blue-gray stains
The color of these stains on the teeth is generally caused by taking antibiotics for prolonged periods. It is also possible that stains on the tooth may be the result of bleeding processes caused by trauma or dental procedures.

Black spots
The black spots on the teeth are often caused by a cariogenic process at an advanced stage, caused by poor oral hygiene and the frequent consumption of too acidic substances such as wine, citrus juices, carbonated beverages, particular drugs or supplements and abuse of sweets and sugars . Another cause of black teeth is also the abuse of drugs, especially substances such as methamphetamine or marijuana. In these cases it is necessary to have a dentist who will eliminate the caries and give the patient a therapy that involves improving daily oral hygiene.

Brown spots
The causes of brown spots on the teeth can be many and of various origins. In fact, it is possible that these are carious diseases in the course of advanced training or may be caused by the side effects of the use of chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes, recommended in the presence of chronic gingivitis and periodontium problems. The presence of black spots on the teeth therefore requires a considered use of the mouthwash: it is advisable to use it no more than twice a day for two or three weeks, and only on prescription from the dentist.

Blue-green or metallic stains
If the stains on the teeth are blue-green or metallic, the problem may originate from the environment in which you work. In fact, those who work closely with metals, such as in the chemical industry, are more exposed to substances such as iron, silver and manganese, mercury, copper, nickel, lead, chlorine. In these cases it is necessary to consult the doctor to ascertain the origin of the stains on the teeth.


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