How to eliminate the belly: diet, exercises and advice

How to eliminate the belly: diet, exercises and advice

Eliminating the belly is the dream of every woman or man who, plagued by unsightly little rolls, wants to acquire a leaner physical form. But erasing the protuberances that cover the abdomen is not so easy, but you should not lose heart and, following a correct and balanced diet, accompanied by a bit of physical activity and some advice, it is possible to achieve satisfying results discouraging though and follow the right advice that will gradually show satisfactory results even in a short time.

It is clear that perseverance is the main weapon for fighting and eliminating the stomach, and following the right rules is not so difficult: if we enter into the perspective that eliminating the belly is not just a question of aesthetics but above all a question of health, then that awareness is triggered that pushes to follow a well-defined program in order to avoid damage to health. Below diet, exercises and tips to get rid of the stomach.

How to eliminate the belly: the recommended diet
Fasting is certainly not the best way to get rid of the stomach, but a targeted food program must be followed to dissolve the fat pads that concentrate on the abdomen. On the other hand, fasting inevitably produces weight gain, since by not taking the right calories and by eating the wrong diet, the body can draw energy from the muscles and not from the fat. As a result, the muscles shrink and the fat remains.

In a correct diet meals are divided into 5 phases, to stimulate the metabolism and allow foods to be assimilated at best instead of being reduced to stocks of fat. To obtain concrete results and not run the risk of causing damage to the body with a do-it-yourself diet, it is advisable to be followed by a dietician who will create a slimming diet suited to our needs. In general, however, the foods to be avoided are fat, refined, precooked, high-calorie foods, cheeses, cured meats and non-lean dairy products.

The ideal meat to consume to eliminate the belly is the lean meat, and therefore it is to be preferred chicken breast or rabbit meat; moreover, fruit and salad must never be lacking, two excellent starvation breaks, whole foods because they are rich in fiber and deflate the intestine, but sometimes even dried fruit, lean cold cuts such as bresaola or fesa are good. turkey, egg white, lean fish and all foods that do not create gas.

In the diet to follow to eliminate the very important belly is the breakfast, which gives the energy needed to face the day: wide then skimmed milk, whole grains, rusks, jam without sugar or honey, fruit juice without added sugar and fruit. Inevitable is the snack before lunch, to be done invariably so as not to get hungry at the main meals of the day. The snack should preferably be based on fruit or even a nice cup of green tea is fine.

For lunch, it is important to opt for foods containing lean proteins, then whole grains and vegetables: an ideal meal can consist of rice, fruit and, finally, a nice juice; for a snack a perfect centrifuged vegetable is perfect, with fennel, lettuce, radicchio, carrots and 2 kiwis, or wholemeal bread and bresaola, always followed by a fruit.

Dinner should consist of a light meal, such as a minestrone with legumes and potatoes to be seasoned with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, grilled or baked lean fish and a fruit.

During the week it is possible to indulge in some whim, perhaps chocolate or a dessert, but do not overdo it.

How to eliminate the belly: exercises to do at home

It is useless to follow a correct diet and not to practice even a minimal physical activity if you want to eliminate the belly. To dissolve the fat it is mandatory to move, otherwise the calories do not burn and the fat remains attached to the abdomen. The ideal time to burn calories that the body must necessarily draw from fat is in the morning, but nothing prevents you from moving even during the day, perhaps taking a walk, engaging in activities such as gardening or other hobbies, attending a swimming pool and much more .

There is no shortage of opportunities and even going up or down stairs becomes a good habit to dispose of fat and flatten your stomach. If instead you decide to do targeted exercises to accompany a balanced diet, here are some very effective exercises to eliminate the belly. These are simple exercises, to be devoted no more than 15 minutes a day and to be performed in the morning or evening to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


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